Saturday, September 25, 2010

Every Bit Of Positivity Helps

I have some very exciting news to share that I have been holding off on. I know that I have been pretty strict on keeping this blog about helpful information and not really getting into my personal story but I think telling people positive things is always helpful as it shows how much is possible...

So what is this news? Well I got a job and I start on Monday. I am a bit nervous... I spent all night last night trying to figure out what I wanted to wear. This leads me to a bit of an aside but in looking for the perfect outfit I somehow ended up going through my shoes. I realized that I should get ride of a few pairs so I put what I didn't want anymore in a box to get rid of... Maybe I will post them on craigslist... Hmm, that could be a good idea... Anyway I kept 9 pairs. (if you know me that is saying something!)

Ok back to the job. As I am a web developer and have been for 6 years that is the field I was looking for. While it was certainly hard but it worked out in the end. I just wanted to share this to help people know that it is possible... I remember once hearing in one of the first support group meeting I went to back in Virginia a friend of mine name Tracy mentioned that people need to realize that there are companies that will hire us. For a while there I was wondering if that was true but it is. I got a job and everyone who interviewed me knew I am trans, or at least gay as I mentioned I had a wife.

Anyway, I will let you know how everything is going soon.

Also, I invite others to share their positive stories below in the comments.

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Stace said...

Oh, congratulations!