Tuesday, January 20, 2015


There are a lot of things that can unintentionally out a trans women but one of the hardest to over come is our voice. There are also multiple aspects of of voice that we need to take into consideration. Some are easier to change than others. For instance, the physical effects testosterone have on the larynx are dramatic and for the most part irreversible. While surgery can feminize one's face and hormones improve the appearance of one's body and skin, nothing but old fashioned practice will change the tonal quality of your voice... For me, this has been extremely difficult!

The second aspect of speech is more psychological and sociological. This part is a little hard to explain without getting into false absolutes but if you listen you will hear it. You will also need to listen in different environments because the big catch here is that the way we communicate is also absolutely contextually driven. We all behave and speak very different with coworkers than we would with our friends. Also there is a LOT of social programming that goes into how we speak to others. Growing up a man really does make it difficult to understand why women speak the way they do (and vice versa) but without a doubt how you communicate I believe is far more important than what you sound like.

As far as tips to actually feminize the sound of one's voice, the only advice I can give is be patient. While it has been hard I have managed to soften my voice quite a bit (sometimes) and it now feels normal to talk the way I do... Taking this into account, and the fact that my limited success has lead me to be uncomfortable giving tips for how to accomplish this; however I can pass on some advice given to me by my doctor and it is to find a voice therapist. This will ensure you do not damage you larynx as some of the online techniques may lead you to do.

Other then that I can wish you good luck!


amy anne jones said...

Hi honey I love your blog. But the article link isn't working. Thanks!

Katherine Jean said...

Removed broken link. Thanks for pointing it out :)