Monday, November 8, 2010

Cynical of Realistic

As I progress in my transition I have notice a great deal of changes in who I am and how I view the world. I also find that I find I shake my head at a lot of things in our culture that I didn't even bat an eyelash at before... The biggest thing is the overwhelming feeling that transsexuals will never be seen as a full fledged member of their identified sex. I mean sure you'll meet people who say they see you for who you are and don't judge but when it comes down to it, in certain situations people show what they really feel... We are who we are and we have a long way to go before we are seen as variations of normal.

For me I see it when I talk about how attractive I may find a man. People who knew me before kinda step back and you can almost see it in their face... It is almost like they are saying out loud "I didn't know he was gay!" Another great example is how some women are when talking about fashion and make up but how uncomfortable they seem (when they know) when I go in a dressing room or bathroom...

Is this opinion cynical or realistic? I am not sure, either way I can't wait until it doesn't matter.

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Sophie said...

Obviously it varies depending on each individual transition. I'm about halfway through transition living and working at the centre of a group of friends /customers.
A thing I've found that really helps is NOT saying that I'm a woman now, but instead saying that I will be a woman without a girlhood and what passes for a very mixed up girlhood is what's happening to me now.
It has the virtues of being true; appealing implicitly for help instead of demanding acceptance ; and it gives people their own time to find an acceptance.
When I read blogs about people finding instant easy acceptance as a woman, I do get mildly cynical, especially as they don't seem to reach the kind of intimacy with other women that I find normal. But I do think acceptance can grow with the people that you'd really want as friends anyway.