Tuesday, December 28, 2010

From Equality Texas - Responding to Bias-Motivated Crimes

Bias-motivated crimes are disturbing. Each and every one.

They are disturbing because they target not only the direct victim,  but the victim's community. They are disturbing because they are  motivated by ignorance and prejudice.

Unfortunately, bias-motivated crimes continue to occur.

They occur because homophobia exists.
They occur because transphobia exists.
They occur because racism exists.
They occur because anti-Semitism exists.
They occur because Islamophobia exists.
They occur because bigotry exists.
They occur because prejudice exists.

Each and every bias-motivated crime is disturbing. Yet, we cannot  expect to eliminate bias-motivated crimes until we eliminate the  ignorance and the prejudice that fuel their existence.

That is why it is critically important how we, (where "we" includes all segments and sub-communities of our larger community) respond to incidents of bias-motivated crime. Those speaking out against gay-bashing should not be limited to lesbians and gays. People speaking out against violence committed against the gender-diverse should not be limited to transgender citizens. Those who speak out in opposition to racism should not be limited to persons of color. Religious-based intolerance should not addressed solely by members of a targeted religion.

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