Wednesday, December 8, 2010

From GLADD - Monday’s Proposition 8 Appeal Hearing: Game-Changer?

Let's hope that people and the media do see the facts as opposed to the rhetoric...

For years, the news media has been framing the issue of marriage equality as a debate, rather than a discussion. Almost every pro-marriage message has been strategically met with an anti-marriage counter-message. Virtually every advocate for allowing gay and lesbian couples to legally marry has been booked alongside an anti-gay activist who was there solely to fight against them.  Although polls show the overall tide is certainly moving in favor of marriage equality, every "wave" of that tide that has originated in the news media has been designed to end up as a draw.

These segments may be good for ratings, particularly when they devolve into shouting matches. The problem is, the news media itself almost always fails in its responsibility to educate its audience...

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