Wednesday, December 22, 2010

From RFERL - UN Restores Sexual Orientation Reference To Violence Measure, After U.S. Push

The United States has successfully persuaded the United Nations to include "sexual orientation" as a category of vulnerable populations whose targeted killings the world body condemns.

The resolution was adopted by the General Assembly on a vote of 122 in favor and 0 against, with 59 nations abstaining.

Controversy broke out after African and Arab states successfully stripped the resolution of a reference to killings for reasons of "sexual orientation," which was included along with killings for racial, national, ethnic, religious, or linguistic reasons, and killings of refugees, indigenous people, and other groups.

U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice said she was "incensed" at the move and vowed to restore the original language in a U.S.-sponsored amendment, which was adopted.

In a statement issued after the December 21 vote, she said, "The United Nations General Assembly has sent a clear and resounding message that justice and human rights apply to all individuals regardless of their sexual orientation."

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Sally Sapphire said...

It's sad that the United Nations needed to be pressured on this, but kudos to the US for standing up for what's right.