Monday, December 6, 2010

From ScienceBlog - Lesbian, gay and bisexual teens singled out for punishment

Not exactly good news, but understanding (or recognizing) the problem is a step towards a solution. Also, even though this study focuses on the LGB side of LGBT, it does say that "anecdotal reports suggest that they are similarly at risk for excessive punishment"...

Lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) adolescents are about 40 percent more likely than other teens to be punished by school authorities, police and the courts, according to a study by Yale University researchers. Published in the January 2011 issue of the journal Pediatrics, the study is the first to document excessive punishment of LGB youth nationwide.

"We found that virtually all types of punishment — including school expulsions, arrests, juvenile convictions, adult convictions and especially police stops — were more frequently meted out to LGB youth," said lead author Kathryn Himmelstein, who initiated the study while she was a Yale undergraduate. The research was supervised by Hannah Brueckner, professor of sociology and co-director of the Center for Research on Inequalities and the Life Course at Yale.


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Caroline said...

My personal study found that police had a manic fascination for harassing me in my youth frequently burning rubber in their effort to stop, what a nasty smell that is. Strange that they never disturbed the gangs of youth who also harassed me!

Seems 40 years on nothing much has changed except a new shift of bullies in positions of power.