Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Get Rid of That 5 O'Clock Shadow

Trans women and some cis men seem to have at least one thing in common... The pesky 5 o'clock shadow. I have put together some tips below that I have learned to give you all some advice on different ways you can get rid of or at least minimize it. While this is written fro trans women the advice will work for anyone needing a close clean shave :)

As for facial hair, I personally find nothing more frustrating, and in many cases nothing that will get us read more, than this. Fortunately I have a few great tips for getting rid of it!

Get a Close Shave

This may sound like a no brainier but really, do everything you can to get a very close shave. No attempt to hide your shadow will work if you have stubble sticking up through your makeup!

Ok, so how do you get a close shave... Here are some tips and advice:
  1. Use a new razor. I like the Mach 3 (My personal go to, especially for my legs!).
  2. Steam your face for a few minutes with a hot face cloth to soften the hairs.
  3. Use a good shaving cream (this is actually far more important that you think) and apply it with a shaving cream brush... This alone helps dramatically! And ladies, don't shy away from using men's shaving tools here. Using a shaving brush helps lift the hairs to get a closer shave! In fact, I guarantee that shadow is far more stubborn that your pride!
  4. Lastly, shave in angles, not straight down. This helps to cut the hairs instead of pulling them. The less irritation you have the closer you can shave.

Use Makeup to Camouflage Your 5 O'Clock Shadow, Not Just to Cover It Up

The problem with using makeup to cover your 5 o'clock shadow is that most people don't realize that the area where your shadow is takes on a blue / grey hue and is dramatically different in color then the rest of your face. Now, if you just take concealer or foundation that matches your normal skin tone and try to use it to cover this area you will almost always end up making the shadow area lighter then the surrounding skin and it ends up standing out even more then before you started! So if this doesn't work, what can you do?

Well, instead of caking on the makeup and praying no one notices, try to counteract the blue hue of the beard growth by adding a bit of red over top of it.

To do this dab a bit of matte red lipstick on the areas that are where you have a shadow: your upper lip, chin, cheeks and maybe even your neck. Now blend it in well! Note that this will not be perfect, especially for people who have had little to no permanent hair removal, but most people can get it pretty darn close! Lastly, make sure you avoid getting the red on the areas that do not have any hair growth!

Now once you even out the coloring of your skin you should be able to just apply a normal amount of foundation and be done. No caked on concealer!

I will warn that this does take a lot of practice to get right but once you get it down it works great! You will not regret taking the time to get it right, just remember that the key is to get a good balance between the blue undertones and the red makeup... To much red and you look like you have a sunburn, to little and it doesn't work.

Now I understand this sounds simpler then it is but I have to stress that it really does work and is worth the practice. The alternative method of caking on concealer in an attempt to cover the shadow never works... EVER!

On a last note here I would love to have someone share a technique for African American skin tones as this is very much geared towards lighter skin.

Permanent Hair Removal

Of course you could also opt for having the hair permanently removed. Note that this is painful, time consuming, and expensive (in the long run maybe more expensive than SRS). I have had a lot of laser hair removal and electrolysis and I am still not done. For more information on this option, see my article on permanent hair removal.


Stace said...

I'll have to give the lipstick a try... Anything to do less makeup! (Whilst I love eye shadow and mascara the rest I can do without!)


Valerian Root said...

you could pluck your face with tweezers. i know that sounds painful and time consuming, and it is. but it works for poor people like me.

Ark Rotarl said...

I wouldn't recommend that however, if electrolysis is a plan in the future.

I've been told by friends who have undergone facial electrolysis that the doctors strongly suggest against facial hair plucking as it makes later extraction of the hair more difficult and less successful.

Katherine said...

Plucking is not recommended 6 weeks prior because it messes with the hairs growth cycle. The hairs will only die if they are treated at a certain time in their life cycle which is why laser hair removal treatments are spaced out 6 to 8 weeks. This insures that any given hair follicle will more likely be treated during the period in its cycle when it can be effectively killed off.

Justine said...

I have pretty heavy stubble and as of yet have undergone no permanent hair removal. This method worked! If I look closely I can still see the texture of stubble underneath, but the color is impeccable. Thank you so much. I'm just beginning my transition, so I will be scowering the web for little tips like these.

YoungSummers said...

This is a miracle . I am a 24 year old Cis woman with PCOS and a symptom of it is severe hirsutism. I've struggled with it my whole life. I never had a way to hide the stubble and grey patches. Thank you thank you thank you! I am so grateful.

Anna Marie Robertson said...

I have a lot of respect for the Braun Epilator, works beautifully

sissy gracie said...

Thank you for the wonderful is truly amazing how something so simple works so well. On another note, has anyone ever used one of these IPL devices? Using intense light to remove hair. Here is a link to one brand.

Anna Marie Robertson said...

As Transwoman and on HRT, If you find it takes forever for body hair to vanish, try epilation as the regrowth seems to be female type velous hair.

sissy gracie said...

Hi thanks... i am not a trans but strictly a CD, TV which ever works...but i am denuded from the neck down. actually, from the head down as i shave almost daily. gawd i have several different epilators and they ALL HURT LIKE HELL i am just not able to get into that amount of pain to accomplish my goal. i have started using the IPL. hopefully it will work but it is extremely labor intensive for it to work....

Anna Marie Robertson said...

Sorry Sissy gracie,
Only works this way on Trans on hormones, takes a few passes but after awhile is excellent results.
Trick with epilators is to trim hair first so as 5 mm long then a small section at a time.

Stacey Marie said...

I've tried this hack and it seems to work, sort of. I'll keep at it as my wife and I agreed that I am pretty but don't need to be a ken doll. Thank you for putting it in writing without all the fluff and opinion. Kisses sweets.

Unknown said...

Hirsutism is the worst I have suffered from PCOS since I was 14 yrs old and my facial hair has gone beyond out of control I love makeup so I do cake on concealer but always end up with that 5 o'clock shadow I will try the red matte lipstick right now just barely getting ready for the day so Ivan excited to see the results of this I will leave a review afterwards. Thank you for the tip!!