Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Makeup Tips for Trans Women Part 4 - Lip Liner



One over looked makeup steps is the application of lip liner. Some sites suggest that you wear it when ever you put on lip stick, some do not. My opinion is this, done carefully, lip liner gives your lips added definition, improved shape, and makes your lipstick (and lips) look better. Just going out to run errands, maybe you can skip it... Going out on a date, I'd take the time.

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How To Apply Lip Liner

I had this technique taught to me by an awesome makeup technician at a popular department store.
  1. Line your lips with a lip liner that matches your natural lip color, staying true to your natural lip line. If you want to make your lips appear fuller then you can draw the line just outside your natural lip line; however, there is a key to this trick that is often forgotten. Only go outside the line where you need to. For me it is in the middle on top and bottom. If I extend my lip line in these areas my lips look much better... If I try and go just outside the lip line on my entire lip I look silly. So is there any tips? Sure, if you follow the following steps you are more likely to get straight lines that you like:
    • Draw in the cupids bow (The "V" shaped portion right below your nose on your upper lip).
    • Second, draw in the middle of your bottom lip.
    • Lastly, carefully fill in the remaining portions of your lip line working towards the creases of your mouth.
  2. After lining, quickly use the same natural color lip liner to lightly fill in your entire lips.
  3. Next, retrace the natural color lip liner with a shade that matches your lip stick.
  4. From here you apply your lipstick using a brush or right from the tube, blot and reapply a second coat of lipstick.
  5. Lastly, add a slight dusting of powder to make things stay put. Make sure to do this lightly, the object is to dust not cover your lipstick.

Hope this isn't to complicated... I tired to explain it the best I could with the advice I was given.

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