Friday, December 24, 2010

Poll 1: Results and Discussion

I asked:
"How would you rate the level of acceptance of trans men vs trans women in society?"


75% said "Trans men are more accepted"
6% said "Trans women are more accepted"
18% said "The same"


I only had 16 votes so this may be a bit inaccurate. Still even with these limited results I would agree with the basic principle that trans men are more accepted by our society. I feel the reason for this is that in our masculine culture, it is easier for to justify the idea of a woman wanting to be a man far easier then a man wanting to be a woman.

I would love to know your take on this!

P.S. New poll soon...

1 comment:


I have to agree with you on this one. Men are not threatened by men who are transmen, and I doubt there would be any need to "clock" any one they had doubts about.
Most of the movies/reality shows are based on the premise that the men are been "fooled' in some way and walking in to some homosexual trap, even if the person has had "the operation". Why this is I have no idea, not being male.
I think you are also right about the masculine culture, he who has the penis rules, whether that be at home or in the boardroom, most women defer to males in some way or another and this tyed up with the fear of homosexuality is why I believe all the footy shows, uni presentations ,talent nights all have on thing in common, men parodying women and not in a good way.