Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The T-Bomb

I think eveyone has heard the term F-bomb right? If not, it is a colloquial reference to the F-word... You know "fuck".

I don't personally use the term "F-word" mainly because the F-word does not offend me. You want to know what does offend me? The word "Tranny". You want to piss me off quick, call me or someone else that.

Anyway, why is it that no one outside the trans community realizes this term is offensive? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand it's use in our culture yet time and time again you see it in the media, on television and apparently even in the news.

Anyway, at least this newspaper changed their headline after GLADD sent them a email:

New Jersey's Trentonian Corrects Offensive Headline After GLAAD Outreach on Transgender Terminology

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