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Male To Female Breast Development - Hormone Therapy and Augmentation

DISCLAIMER: Some people post their hormone dosages in the comments. These are their dosages and should not be looked at as suggestions. The amount of estrogen and testosterone blocking medications that are prescribed can vary according to number of factors (age, health, etc.) and the ONLY way to get on a safe and effective regimen is to consult a doctor!

Breast development is without question an exciting part of transition. I feel fairly comfortable saying that most trans women look forward to having their own real breasts but need to stress (as I try to always do) the need to have realistic expectations.

Hormone Replacement Therapy and Breast Development for Trans Women

The first thing to know is that breast development varies a great deal from person to person. Also while both age and genetics play a big role in how big they will get, generally speaking trans women can expect to be smaller then their closest female relatives (I was told a cup size smaller).

Besides the actual physical size of the breast, perception must be taken into consideration as well. The fact that the rib cage for the average anatomical male after puberty is bigger then it is for females means if you visually compare the two people with similar height, weight and bra size; one cissexual and one transsexual, the cissexual woman's breasts will generally appear larger. Also remember breast size in cissexual women varies greatly and not all cis woman have large breasts. I have small breasts and well... I like them.

I have also written a few posts about hormone therapy and the risks associated with it as well. PLEASE READ THESE! I get a lot of questions and comments about self medicating and I tell my readers over and over not to. These medications are dangerous!

Some other things I want to point out and stress:
  • Breast development takes time. Hormone therapy induces puberty and just like with cissexual women puberty is a process that takes years, not months. It is certainly not something that happens over night.
  • Taking more estrogen than is proscribed will not speed up the process. This is VERY DANGEROUS! You will need your blood work checked for possible problems. Like I said, I have written am entire article about the risks associated with HRT but a few of the major ones include: blood clots, prolactinoma (tumor of the pituitary gland), and possible increased risk of heart attack and stroke. There are also major risks with taking Spironolactone as it is a diuretic. Bottom line, talk to your doctor.
  • Most women have uneven breast development, it is normal. Also, your breasts may not develop at the same rate. While this unevenness is usually not drastic it can be noticeable. For me my left breast is probably a full cup size bigger than my right. Expect it and don't freak out.
  • HRT does not only effect breast growth!
This last point is important to realize because I get a lot of questions from cross dressers and non-transsexual types who just want to take hormones to grow breasts. This is probably not an option. Hormones effect your entire body, you physical appearance, your mood, and most importantly you body chemistry. If your motivation is to simply grow breasts than I strongly caution you NOT to use hormones. Also, if you are think that want to have breasts to increase sexual pleasure, one of the side effects of HRT is decreased libido.

Lastly, you can't just put on a shirt and hide these things... Remember, HRT causes irreversible full body changes, not simply breast growth. If you still think this is right for you I will offer the same advice I offer everyone, please talk to your doctor.

Breast Augmentation Surgery

Once development slows or stops some people may still desire breast augmentation surgery. The thing to know about this is that it is generally a good idea to put off any augmentation surgery until after hormone induced breast development is completed. There are quite a few reasons for this but here are the most important:
  • Breast development happens in spurts over a course of years! Give them a chance to grow.
  • Breast development does not happen evenly... One breast may seem way smaller and but given time, it probably will catch up. Note that uneven breast size is normal, even in cissexual women.
  • Breasts implants look best and most realistic when they are placed behind existing breast tissue.
  • If augmentation is preformed before breast development is finished and you have additional breast growth after surgery, you run the risk of very unnatural or even deformed looking breasts.
Lastly, breast augmentation is included in the standards of care for transgender individuals but does not require the same exact criteria as SRS.

Have you had surgery? If so I would love for you to tell us about your results and experience below in the comments:
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