Sunday, January 16, 2011

Poll Results: How do you define gender?

First of, I am sorry for not posting this earlier but I had to have surgery... And not the type of surgery I wanted... I had to have my monster sized gallstone removed last Thursday and I have been in a vicodin induced haze since. I apparently posted once since then but have no recollection of doing so LOL.

Anyway, here are the results:

26% said "M or F (but not tied to sex"
36% "said It is fluid"
10% said "M, F, Both, Neither, Combination"
10% said "gender isn't real"
15% said "None of the above"

No one agreed that "Gender = Sex at birth"

No my insights on this poll... I kinda regretted putting it up as soon as I did but decided to leave it. Asking this question on a blog like this will hardly give scientific results but it does give an interesting insight into how we see ourselves... I think what these results show is that the definition of gender holds many meanings.

Again I wish I had more participation but oh well...

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