Monday, March 5, 2018

Female To Male Transsexual Surgery Options

There are a number of possible surgical procedures that female to male transsexual men seek out. Below is a simple overview. Each comes with their own risks so please talk to you doctor and therapist to determine if any are right for you.


Female To Male Transsexual Surgery Options In this procedure a combination of skin grafts, implants and urethral lengthening are used to create a penis. There are a few methods involving using skin from different areas but grafts are always required. There can be a number of complications including but not limited to infection, death of the grafted tissue, urethral fistula (a hole in the urethra), blog clots and scaring.

In regards to sexual function, erections are maintained by the insertion of either a rod (permanently or removable) or an inflatable pump.

I must be stated that the patient must be aware that there is great difficulty in preforming this surgery with truly outstanding cosmetic results. They must discuss this and all the risks before committing to surgery.


In this procedure involves creating a scrotum out of existing tissue from the labia majora. Prosthetic testis are sometimes inserted afterward.


This is the surgical removal of the uterus. It is often done along with a procedure called a Oophorectomy. This is the technical term for the removal of the ovaries. This is considered major surgery and comes with it all of the associated risks. This includes infection, blood clots, adhesions, hemorrhage, bowel obstruction, urinary tract damage and death. Also, Removal of the ovaries may increase the risk of heart disease and / or osteoporosis.


This is the surgical removal of the vagina.


This is probably the most common surgery sought out by trans men. It involves the surgical removal of the breasts. This is what is what people mean when they talk about Top Surgery for trans men.

Risks include but are not limited to infection, bleeding, numbness of the area where the breast used to be and scaring.

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