Thursday, March 10, 2011

Transgender Suicide Prevention Brochures from MTPC

Unfortunately the statistics of transgender people who attempt suicide are alarmingly high (over 40%). There is absolutely no doubt that we all must do what we can to prevent these numbers from rising and reverse them.

While browsing through some articles and website I came across two very well laid out pamphlets that are specifically designed as resources for suicide prevention in the transgender population. Please feel free to save them and let others know. Lastly, more information (including how to get hard copies) can be found on the The Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition (MTPC) website.

Saving Our Lives: Transgender Suicide Myths, Reality, and Help
Information for transgender people, family, friends, and allies. Includes warning signs, do's and don'ts, helpful tips, contact information, and myths and realities.

Preventing Transgender Suicide: An Introduction for Providers
Includes definitions, warning signs, victimization and PTSD, systemic stressors, protective factors, where to learn more, and references.

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