Thursday, July 10, 2014

Having or Considering MtF Sexual Reassignment Surgery?

Having surgery is a huge step for many trans men and women. While there are a great numbers of things to take into consideration. It is with this in mind that I write this post. I thought it would be helpful to share a list on important things to take into consideration if you to are thinking of making this step yourself. The following list was given to me by Dr. McGinn after my consult when I had surgery (she went over each of these points in detail during the consultation as well) and she has told me that I am welcome to share them here.

Note that these all have to do with the male to female side of things and also that these points are not all specific to surgery.

Things to consider (and ask your doctor about):

  • Cardiac risk and hormone use
  • Nutrition and weight (Not only how it relates to your health, but also your surgery)
  • Monthly self breast exams
  • Fertility options
  • Post-operative depression awareness*
  • Sexual health and libido
  • Aspirin use
  • Expectations
  • Genital hair removal
  • Annual prostate exams after 50
  • Voice
  • Osteoporosis awareness
I do not imply that these points are all you need to think about, again talk to your doctor or surgeon. This is a complicated and personal journey. I hope this was helpful and i wish you luck!

* The way Dr. McGinn explained post-operative depression is that is similar to postpartum depression in that it is caused by the fluctuations in hormones. In this case it isn't from having a baby but rather from having the surgery. Please ask you doctor for specifics as I am not qualified to explain it further.