Monday, April 25, 2011

Makeup Tips for Trans Women Part 9 - Tips and Tricks

Ok girls, here is a page dedicated to some tips and tricks I have learned by asking some professionals. I have tried most of these myself and know they all work.

Shimmer Eyeshadow

Want your shimmer eyeshadow to really pop try layering on top of a similar shade eyeliner. To do this just shade your eyelid with the eye pencil and then apply your shimmery shadow. Not only will the under coat of liner help to pop the color but it will help keep the shimmer on as well! For more see my how to applying eyeshadow post.

Fuller Lips

To get fuller looking lips try these three things, they all work great!
  1. Line your lips just outside the natural lip line with a shade of lipliner that matches you lip skin.
  2. Apply a small amount of light eyeshadow right above your lip to the cupid's bow. This should be just lighter then your skin tone and blended in pretty good.
  3. After putting on you lipstick put a small amount of gloss on just the middle of your lips.
Don't forget to look at my lipstick and lip liner how tos as well.

Using Blue Eyeshadow

This is definitely more of a tip then a trick... Be aware that blue eyeshadow is pretty tricky (and tacky if done bad). Also, it can get messy to apply and it can be hard to get right. The makeup technician I spoke to about this mentioned that it is because of the red pigments but I just think it is because it is evil! Anyway, his advice, if you want to try it make sure you have a good brush and blend it well. Also, try using a primer as this will help it to stay in place

There are three bits of advice... I'll have more in the future.


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