Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Real World Experience - Part 3

I left off explaining how we kind of up and moved to Texas... And that about summed it up to. We drove to Texas in the middle of the night (well it took 26 hours) and after talking about it for a couple of weeks we decided to move there. Our plan was to home school the kids (huge mistake) and I would get a job to help cover the bills. Overall the initial trip down to Texas gave my wife and I some time to evaluate things without the pressure of or previous living arrangement. This was very helpful! Also the multiple road trips back and fourth between Texas and Virginia (we made three over all) gave us ample time to talk and spend some quality time together doing something we love to do.... The trips sound like they sucked but for us they really are fun. If there is one thing we both love to do together it is go on road trips!

Now besides the move and everything that went on with that not much else happened over the summer. I finally found a job after a 6 month job hunt and I made up my mind on which doctor I was going to go see for my surgery (I chose Dr. Mc Ginn). It was very hard for me to find a job, not only because of the job market but also because I was trans. My voice is rather masculine and that really took some people by surprise... I can say that more then a few phone interviews ended quicker then I expected them to. Other then that I did mundane things like fret over my first bikini. Now that was a terrifying experience wearing this to the pool for the first time but I did it. By the end of the summer I had made a couple of acquaintances and I was pretty comfortable going down there by myself.

In regards to my transition and my real life experience I noticed over the summer that my disgust for my body (specifically my male genitalia) has gotten worse. It seems the more I feel comfortable with who I am as a woman, the more my genitals are a problem. This has been the biggest struggle for me recently. I mean, I know surgery will not change who I am but it will help me learn to love my body, and this is important to loving yourself. Anyway, this all sounds deep and everything but really the most exciting thing that happened over the summer was my attempt at being a vegan. That lasted about 4 months, then my gallbladder died... Anyway, I think this is a good place to stop tonight...

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