Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Obsessing About Our Body Image

Many trans women obsess about how they look... I know I do. Not only do many of us obsess about the things many cissexual women do such as weight and body shape but we do this through a lens of feeling we look masculine. even some of the things we think are unique to us a trans women are in fact not so. Things like facial hair and thinning hair effect cissexual men and women. Despite these things, I know that for me it took a long time to stop seeing a man in the mirror looking back... Even now almost 3 years into my transition I see glimmers of him at times ( and i always will I believe) but I am learning to deal with it. It doesn't bother me nearly as much as it used to.

Keeping all this in mind I'd like to share a link here to an article I found online that may be of some help:

While it looks at thinks from a cissexual point of view I think the advice hold true. We really do have to sit back some times and relax. I would add these two bits of advice to the article for my trans women friends: First, we have to be realistic and not put so much pressure on ourselves to be perfect. Second, realize what we go through is not all that different from cissexual women. We fret about the same types of things in many cases) and Lastly, examine what we can do about our situation on that day. If we are two months into transition we have to realize that out facial hair will be thicker then we would like... But realize it will get better. It will change!

i would like to share a previous post as well on this blog entitled Setting Realistic, Obtainable and Healthy Goals as it is relevant to this conversation.

As always good luck, all of this is so much easier to type out then do, trust me, I've been there to.

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