Monday, April 18, 2011

Primary Care Protocol for Transgender Patient Care

I have personally seen more doctors since my transition who have no clue what Gender Identity Disorder is let alone how to treat it. I know we all hope that will change in the future and a document released the other day might make that happen. This online reference for medical professions covers all kinds of things having to do with treating transgender patient's including age related considerations, cancer screening recommendations, special dietary considerations, sexual health and a LOT more. Definitely a much needed resource!

Here is a bit from the introduction:

This protocol was created within the Department of Family and Community Medicine at the University of California San Francisco. It remains a work in progress, and will be annotated and/or updated when new data is available and validated. This protocol is intended to serve two purposes:

  • Provide accurate, peer-reviewed medical guidance. This protocol was developed under the supervision of eight physicians with extensive experience in treating transgender patients.
  • Provide a resource. This protocol contains references to additional materials that may be accessed for further study and shared with other provider colleagues and support staff to improve treatment capabilities as well as access to care for transgender patients.

Many physicians can learn a great deal about transgender care directly from their patients; however, patients may receive inaccurate information through community grapevines or other non-medical sources. Physicians are encouraged to review the existing medical research and clinical practice guidelines developed by a small number of treatment centers, and to be alert to new developments in this emerging field.

If you have a primary doctor who is unclear of what it is we go through please pass this on! (Come to think of it, pass it on either way!)

Primary Care Protocol for Transgender Patient Care

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