Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Washington Times Has a Messed Up, Mixed Up and Insane Editorial About Transgender Men and Women in New York

Before I start I would like to address a comment I received almost immediately after I originally posted this. That is that I know this is "old" news; however, the editorial is still on their site and I have heard nothing about them saying sorry, so why not do my part to show how this publication feels towards us. Anyway, here is my original article:

I guess if I am to believe the editorial posed on the Washington Times, I am a pretty ‘Messed Up, Mixed Up, Insane’ person... My wife would probably agree with this but it certainly isn't because I am a trans woman... This article they posted is not only insulting and 100% misinformed garbage but I do have one question... If you look at the left column you will see a picture of a transvestite beauty pageant in Thailand... Tell me again how this relates to transgender people in New York city?

EDITORIAL: The latest birth certificate scandal

Let me point these fine journalist to some information:
Transsexuality... A Brief Explanation

As far as the difference between Thailand and New York...

Thailand is a country located in south east Asia. Since there is in fact a third gender in Thai culture, being transgender is not that big of a deal. Also, this feeling has persisted because Thailand is in fact the only country in the region that was never colonised by a western country... Go figure.

New York City is a densely populated multi cultural city located in southern New York State in the United States. New York is approximately 8600 miles from Thailand. Hope this clarifies some things for you regarding the unlikely connection between transgender Thai beauty pageant contestants and New York State birth certificate.

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Elizabeth said...

This is old news but using transgender allows non operative cds, tvs, and anyone to change their birth certificate. That is crap.

Only transsexuals should be able to change birth certificates and only after surgery. That is the problem one gets when mixing terms transgender and transsexualism.