Sunday, April 24, 2011

Would Anti-Discrimination Bill Have Prevented The Attack in Maryland McDonald's

This is a complex issue. I just read an article that goes over this very topic and I have to agree with the final paragraph:

Public accommodations protections wouldn’t have protected the victim of this crime. But it will create an America where anti-transgender sentiment is not openly expressed or condoned. Public accommodation protections aren’t a “super sized” extra that we can do without. They are vital in the fight for trans equality.

We must change peoples' view on us... We must get people to understand that we are not freaks and pervert... History has proven (civil rights acts) that legislation facilitates this. If we did this these types of viscous crimes would no doubt decrease.

Read the full article on the trans advocate

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Anonymous said...

I think that this all started over the t-girl talking to one of the girls boyfriend. It ended with the problem in the bathroom therefore I think they would have followed her anywhere. It is just a really sad sad story.