Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Real World Experience - Part 4

Ok so this is the last part of my story pertaining to the past. We left off last time about January of 2011. This was when I had to have my gallbladder taken out... Now everyone who has had SRS, or is considering it, should know that you have to stop taking estrogen a couple a weeks before surgery. Well this rule goes for any type of surgery, so I had to stop taking my dose before the surgeon would remove my gallbladder... It may have been the pain I was in, but while I only stopped for a week, I have to say that this small sample of what to expect made me worried my wife would kill me long before I got to PA for surgery! My god was I a bitch!!!

Anyway, my gallbladder surgery came and went and I felt way better. I was able to focus on the surgery I wanted now and as I said before, I had decided on a surgeon. I was the day after my gallbladder surgery that I made the appointment for my SRS consultation. About two weeks after that I ended up with the flu (I have never been that sick in my life!). Then my son totaled my Jeep and we had some more crap happen... It really felt like life took a huge dump on me. That is why we decided that since that appointment was all the way across the country, we would take a road trip and have some fun on our way out there. I needed the break, as did my wife, and we love to travel. We saw 13 states in 9 days! It was so much fun! Plus Dr. McGinn (the surgeon who will be doing my SRS) is super nice and helpful.

After that, when we got back I went ahead with my plan and started my genital hair removal. I have to say that as worried as I was about how it would hurt and how awkward I would feel having it done, I honestly think it was easier then having my face done. In fact, I had my face done for the 7th time last week and it hurt a lot more then my genitals!

Now it would seem that things have gotten easier but that is far from the case. I will say that since returning from my trip, with all the crap that has been adding up over the last few months, my general anxiety level has increased. There is just a lot going on in my personal life and it is building up like it did when I started this whole journey and that worries me.

Ok, so this leaves us at the present day. Here soon I will be getting my info for what lab work I will need for surgery and everything else. I am super excited and can't wait! I just hope everything else kinda calms down a bit in the short term so that I don't yank all my hair out! Overall this last couple of months have been hard, very hard, but less because I am transitioning and more because I am planning (and living) the rest of my life. I've been listing out all kinds of things... Making spread sheets and lists detailing what I need to do by when. I've looked over my school progress, made plans for how I will pay for my surgery and even started planning my 10 year anniversary trip for 2012! Regardless of how hard it has been (and still is) over all, this has been a very exciting time.

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