Monday, May 23, 2011

My response to the "Would you accept the fact that a 16-year-old adolescent boy wants to join the [field hockey] team AND insist on changing and showering with your daughter because he believes he is a girl?" argument against transgender rights

This argument of the boy who wants to get in the girl room is disgustingly misrepresentation of the trans community. Yes, if my son wanted to shower with the girls I'd raise an eyebrow, but when your child born with male genitalia turns out to have a female gender identity then that person is not your son, they are you daughter!

I ask you then, do you want your daughter (who likely is suffering from extreme anxiety and depression already) to have to shower with the guys? Let me tell you what that is like... It is terrifying and very upsetting.

Yes I live with a diagnosis. The fact that it is a diagnosis is unfortunate but if you want to get down to medical facts there is one way to treat people with GID and that is for them to transition.

Now I agree with the person who initiated this rant that you do not treat schizophrenic people by acknowledging their disillusion any more then you treat depression by telling the patient, "hey your life really does suck"... Likewise you do not treat GID by forcing the person to live in a way that is contrary to every fiber of their being. GID is not a delusional and it is not a sickness... So my response to this very narrow minded (and perverted really) notion is that since the only treatment for GID is transition that yes it is the responsibility of the law to ensure that those people undergoing this process are offered the same rights as everyone else! The only other solution (and I am all for it) is to completely remove GID from the DSM. Either way... Trans people deserve their rights!

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