Tuesday, June 7, 2011

From @IndependentOpEd - Equality For Transgendered Persons Lacking

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Anonymous said...

Hi Katherine. I saw your comment on a friend's blog n foowed the links here. I have some serious problems with your "Brief Explanation of Transexualism". Besides being a rehash of the GLAAD Media Reference Guide, written by Gay men who have no clue, it offensively conflates Trangenderism, a newly coined term which describes a SOCIAL CONSTRUCT with trans-sexualism, a TREATABLE, CURABLE, MEDICAL CONDITION.

My hope is that you might be open to discuss my concerns.


Katherine said...


I assure you my desription is not a rehash of anything as I am in fact a trans woman and I explained things exactly how I precieve them. I do not understand how anyone could take what I have written on that page as offensive but I have known since starting this blog that I will not be able to please everyone. There are a great deal of people out there who have very different feelings as to what being transsexual means and how it relates to others who identify as transgender (even other trans men and women). I feel and I will stand by this, that as a trtanssexual I fall under the vast unbrella of being transgender (and so what that it is a new term) no differently then as an Italian woman I fall under the very diverse unbrealla of being of a person of European decent. Likewise, as a trans woman I have chalenged my assigned gender and choose to live as my identify gender thus I do not fall within the boundries of socially established male / female gender roles, which defines me as being someone who is transgender. Being transsexual, transgender, genderqueer, a drag queen... These are all social identities... The nuonces are in how we choose to express that identity or how we feel about it.

This leads me to the point that I have serious issues with your labeling any of these things as medical conditions. Yes I need to be traeted by a doctor to correct some things that need fixing and yes I speak with a therapist because of depression and axiety associated with what I am going through but no amount of surgery or therapy can "cure" me of anything. To me, the idea that people can pathologize identity is rediculous.

Lastly, I am always open for discussion but like I said, I am going through this so I think I know a bit about what I am experiencing. I can appreciate that you may be experiencing somethig completely different.