Friday, June 10, 2011

Just Another Reason We Need To Speak Up and tell people Who We Are

I firmly believe that if people truly understand who we are and what we are going through they may come to realize that we are not these monsters or perverts that they think we are...

Take this story for instance:

It sounds crazy but people just don't know or simply don't understand any of this. We need to do a much better job of explaining who we are if we want to get the equality we deserve. Why? Because in many cases it isn't so much transphobia as it is trans-ignorance.

Thanks to @TransNewsGirl for pointing this story out


Caroline said...

How do such stupid people get to such positions of power!?

Billie said...

To paraphrase what Priscilla Ballou said, ".. legislators do not think they have a responsibility to educate themselves about issues .. what arrogance!" I'll only add, and to think we elect them so they can go to DC to represent us! My question then is, Who is being more stupid?