Friday, June 24, 2011

Marriage Equality in New York

Update 9:31 CT

The NY senate has passed the same sex marriage bill (33 - 29) which makes same sex marriage basically a signature away from being legal in NY. What makes this interesting is unlike the others states where it is legal, NY has no residency restrictions...

Yay New York!

I sit here a look the picture posted online (to the right) taken near the Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village and like many of you I hope... I hope a lot of things. I hope starting very soon LGBT New Yorkers will be able to enjoy the same rights as their straight friends and family. I also hope this is a turning point... I hope things change for the rest of us. If this passes and when it is signed into law, New York will only become number 6 among the 50 states. We must fight so that every one of us can marry the person we love.

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