Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Very Touching Story About an Extraordinary Little Girl and Her Family

This is the wonderful story of a young girl named Jazz who's parents supported her transition at a remarkably young age! If only everyone thought like this family does... How different from my previous story... Watch My Secret Self

    Thanks to @Faeries517 for pointing this out


    JAY said...

    It is a touching story. However, does anyone else wonder how much of what this child is saying is being put into her head by her therapist.

    "JAZZ: Because I have a girl brain and a boy body. "

    Is that really a concept one can equate with being arrived at by an 8-year old?

    I'm not saying she is not trans; she certainly is, and how she feels most of us can relate to.

    But I wonder how much of what she believes about herself is coming from her own mind, and how much is being put there by the therapist? I's almost as if this child is being carefully run down a track to an inevitable outcome and surgery when she is 18.

    I was raised a catholic, because the adults around me told me I had to believe certain things. Is this child perhaps being raised transsexual?

    Katherine said...

    Hmm... I know that I had an idea at that age that something was askew. I also have friends how have shared that they knew without a doubt at 4 and 5 that they were trans, so I would say that yeah, I think this kid really feels this way. It is important as a therapist to not imprint ideas on children (and it is possible) but the feelings seem to have emerged before therapy started so...

    Katherine said...

    Really, either way, the parents are to be commended for allowing their children to express themselves the way they want to.

    Sally Sapphire said...

    Wow - this is wonderful, and I'm completely awestruck by the mermaid theme. I had never thought of it that way, but it explains my attraction to them as a child. Sure, they came in 2nd to unicorns, but they were still way mor special than dragons or my brother's monsters. :)