Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Transgender Case Tests Marriage Laws

DALLAS - A Dallas couple legally tied the knot more than a decade ago. But the fight over same-sex marriage is making their separation very complicated.

James Scott and Rebecca Robertson were married in 1998 at a Dallas church.

Although Scott had gender re-assignment surgery, both his birth certificate and driver’s license identify him as male. A Dallas County clerk granted him a marriage license.

Now the couple is calling it quits. Scott is moving out of his Cedar Hill home and wants a divorce. But Robertson wants the marriage declared void.

“Mr. Scott was born a woman. And in Texas the law is very clear that marriage is between one woman and woman man,” said Tom Nicol, Robertson’s attorney. “Simply put, just because two people think they are in a legal relationship and then find out later they’re not, is not uncommon.”

But last month a Dallas judge denied Robertson’s request to void her marriage, setting the stage for a court battle to clarify whether transgendered people can legally wed.

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Caroline said...

How long before the disunited states work this out and agree on one set of rules!?