Monday, July 22, 2013

From someone else... "How I View Gender"

Wish I knew who sent this... But here it is. Interesting point of view...

Gender is a hard trait to define. In essence it is the social aspect of being male and female. One common misconception is that gender and sex are synonymous. Some people go so far as to say, and it is the most common anti-trans argument that sex determines or causes ones gender. This can be found in the common "you are what you are born with" argument. While there is no doubt a positive correlation between the sex and gender, most baby boys grow up to be men and most baby girls grow up to be women, we all know that correlation does not prove causation.

The proof of this which is often over looked is that the physiological aspects of ones physical sex at birth (what genitals we have when we are born) is not the same process nor does it have much impact on what our gender will be. The link is weak if one exists at all.
I agree with part of this definition but think it is not completely accurate. As a transsexual I know that this supposed biological link to aspect I think a , which is why I included it... While it may seem to be true, this definition does not say gender is the same as sex. That is an important thing to remember. As transsexuals we are in some ways in a more qualified position to say this previous statement as fact as I know without question that my gender and sex are in fact mis-aligned.

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