Thursday, August 8, 2013

From The Huffington Post - Gender Transition and Its Discontents

Over the years there have been salacious media reports about transgender women who choose to revert back to living as men, what we call detransition. Detransitioning happens very infrequently, but when it happens to someone who is or has become a public figure, such as Don Ennis most recently, the story takes on a scandalous air. Misinformation gets bandied about, both by the person involved and the media reporting on the reversion in gender assignment. When that happens, all...

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes people transition and then find that for them, the fantasy was so much better than the reality. That is why we have things like the year-long Real Life Test.

When I read the blogs of those who so enjoy their gurls nights out with their friends, and then express a desire to actually transition based on those experiences, I think, "Here we go again!"

In the case of Don Ennis, I am glad that he came back to reality before he had bits of his body cut off and/or rearranged.