Tuesday, November 19, 2013

From ThinkProgress - Why Transgender Health Care Needs Are Not A Laughing Matter

Kellan Baker is Associate Director of the LGBT Research and Communications Project at American Progress.
"In a recent opinion piece for the New York Times, Lori Gottlieb – a self-confessed Obamacare skeptic – expresses her dismay about the Affordable Care Act by joking that under the law, while she can't stay with the doctor she likes, "if I need a sex change operation, I'd be covered." She does admit to feeling squeamish about making jokes at the expense of people dealing with cancer, but "sex changes" are nothing but a laugh. 
Any humor that trades off the experiences of people grappling with serious health challenges is likely to be in pretty bad taste. But jokes that encourage casual disregard for transgender people by reducing their real health care needs to a cheap punch line, especially just a few days before the Transgender Day of Remembrance, are very poor taste indeed..."

Read the rest here: Why Transgender Health Care Needs Are Not A Laughing Matter appeared first on ThinkProgress

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