Thursday, January 15, 2015

5 Things Ever Woman Should Have in Their Lingerie Drawer

This article is written with trans women in mind but I would suggest these products to any woman.

1. Nude (and Black) Bra

A nude bra will go under just about anything. They also don't show nearly as bad as white bras do under white or semi-sheer tops. This is the bar none number 1 must have thing on this list. Also make sure you have a black bra as well as they are great under dark clothing.

2. Thong

Let's face it, panty lines are not very flattering. Sometimes we want to wear clothes that are either form fitting or even just fall in a certain way and we need to make sure our underwear doesn't show. I think some people see thongs as being sexy (and they kinda are) but they are also very practical.

Also, I always found that a thong that is a little small makes tucking a bit easier.

3. Nude Pantyhose

I know... SOme people hate pantyhose but the fact of the matter is sometimes stockings are appropriate and it sucks when you don't have what you need when you need it. Do yourself a favor and have a pair even if you normally don't wear them. As a bonus hint, if you fall on the edge of the sizing lines ALWAYS go with the larger size. This is especially true if you are near the large / queen size line.

4. Shapeware

No one is perfect but that doesn't mean we can't look great. Spanx are freaking awesome in this department! Also, for those of us who have not had bottom surgery, they can be great for tucking. Another little hint from many trans women is to buy the ones that don't do much firming up of the butt or thighs. A lot of us don't really need to make our butts look smaller than our waists.

5. Half Slip

I've been told these are old fashion or not really needed but I love them. Especially under skirts or dresses that are not lined. They help prevent material from clinging and also help if your skirt is a bit see through. I have a nude and a black one.

Bonus Tip: Double Sided Tape

Keep necklines, sleeves, hemlines and more in place! There is a million uses for this stuff, most of which you won't realize until you need it.

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