Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Over The Counter Estrogen Supplements for Transgender Women?

I keep seeing people asking in groups about using over the counter estrogen supplements in addition to or even as a replacement for prescription HRT. Personally I certainly would not recommend them for this purpose. Not necessarily because it I think it is dangerous, but simply because it is almost certainly a waste of money and time.

For one, these supplements are designed to help cis women lessen symptoms associated with menopause, they are not designed or strong enough to really it. They are also typically not FDA approved to specifically treat menopause or any other health condition. Because they are very weak and not formulated to induce any
type of hormonal changes they are not going do anything to boost or enhance your breast size of body shape. Many of them do not have any actual estrogen in them at all, and the ones that do actually have estrogen-like compounds that are usually derived from plants such as soy. 

You also need to realize that when trans women go on prescription based HRT they are typically prescribed estrogen doses well over anything you can get over the counter and even more than what is typically prescribed for cis women who are taking it to prevent or hold off on going through menopause. Additionally these supplements offer absolutely nothing in regards to blocking testosterone which is huge part of HRT and really is necessary to successfully induce the hormonal changes trans women are seeking to begin with.

I am not saying these products do not work for what they are intended to do, I am just saying they are not intended to replace prescription estrogen and will not offer any appreciable feminizing qualities in the person taking them. I understand many people are eager to start hormone therapy but the reality is HRT is something that must be monitored by a doctor to be safe and effective as there are a number of associated risks. While these products seem like a great cheap OTC answer (or even a way to boost a current HRT regime), there is little reason to believe these supplements will do anything at all. Save your money