Thursday, January 23, 2014

From The Atlantic - A Transgender, Life-Affirming, Punk-Rock Survival Guide for Everybody

Im not a fan of Against Me but I do applaud their lead singer for her very public transition. There us so much negativity in regards to the trans community in pop culture I think is I great to see a person get the outward support that she has, and her band has gotten.
Below is a link to a review of their new album Gender Dysphora Blues. I have not listened to it but after reading this I might check some off the songs out. Still, I think the important thing is that Against Me has the opportunity to tell a story to a wide range of people and offer some much needed I sight into the world of being transgender. The more voices we have telling our stories, the good one as well ss the bad, the better people will undetstand who we are and that in the end we all wamt the same thing... to just live our lives to their fullest.

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