Wednesday, January 1, 2014

From - Gender and the Body Language of Power

I am not the most feminine person in the world... I actually find myself to be a bit androgynous most of the time... and most of the time I am ok with that. On the other hand there are people who want to be seen as being more feminine or masculine and knowing that this is very closely linked to body language is important. Throughout this blog I have a number of articles about topics ranging from the differences between the feminine and masculine gait, voice, all the way to finding clothes that fit and accentuate the bodies we have.

What the article I am linking to does well is give a little bit more in depth info as to how our body language speaks for us. While it is far from details I does offer some insights... Mainly, like it of not feminine does often equate to more submissive and reserved behavior in a lot of respects but that doesn't mean that women should be or are submissive... I touch on this is most of my related articles: men walk more forward while women tend to lean back, women usually speak more softly and are more reserved.

Anyway, take it for what it is and let me know what you think

Gender and the Body Language of Power

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