Saturday, January 18, 2014

My Journey: Sitting at the Auto Shop

So I am well in to my transition and sometimes I am still taken back by the differences in how I am treated in certain situations. We all know thr stories of how some mechanics (not knocking anyone here) take advantage of women because they assume they do not know anything about cars. While this might be an exaggeration it is amazing how different people treat me when I do something like taking my car in for simple repairs.

Before transition they offered explanations and talked to me. Even without knowing I know my way around an engine... Now its definitely different. Its more talking at me. The conversation is full of warnings and... well I just need to trust them.

Stereotyping is natural... I understand that but it can interesting when you are in the unique situation like us trans men and women to be able to experience them from both sides.


Melody said...

That's a very interesting comment. I find it really interesting how guys talk to you even when they know you are a tv (not even transitioning!) and they've answered an ad to come over from Craigslist, where I advertise as t4m. They know completely that under the little skirt I'm a guy, and yet they still talk to me in a way which is completely different than if i were a guy. But the scary thing is that I find I talk to them in a completely different way too- and it's not just my clothes, but my body language, my expressions, etc which are naturally more submissive, helpless, admiring. Maybe that has a role to play in your encounter at the Auto Shop! xx Melody

Katherine C said...

Oh absolutely our gender role plays into how people treat us and even in the way we behave ourselves. Body language I would argue is one of the most important factor in how others see you.

Katherine C said...

P.S. please stay safe