Friday, May 30, 2014

Pencil Skirts for Trans Women

Ok... So everyone loves a pencil skirt, but the skirt doesn't love everyone. If you are like me you quickly find that for most trans women when the waistband fits the hips are to small, and when the hips fit the waist is WAY to big. Here is my advice, find a stretch version.

Sounds simple right? So why don't any other sites suggest this for girls with narrow hips? I am not saying they will look good. You need to be the judge of that. The only thing I can say to that point is that just because something fits doesn't mean it looks good. I do not wear black pencil skirts even if they fit as I do not think they just are flattering.

What I am saying is you might find something that fits and that is a starting point to finding something that looks good. When I do buy skirts (any kind really) I lean more towards lighter colors and pair them with darker tops. I have a few stretch pencil skirts from american apparel that I love (see image on the right). I also like this skirt as well

The other key is to find a length that works as well. For me, with pencil skirts, or any non-floor length skirt, I look for something that is right above the knee. Anything lower and it makes my hips look way smaller than my top, any shorter and... well I start to feel uncomfortable. I actually have a whole article about finding clothes that fit if you would like some more tips in this area.

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