Friday, July 25, 2014

Facial Feminization Surgery Options

Facial Feminization Surgery Options There are a number of surgical options available for trans women who wish to further feminize their appearance during transition. Among these are a number of surgical procedures many people lump together in what is known as facial feminization surgery. Below are a number of specific surgeries. I have know some people who have had some of these procedures with varying results.

I cannot highlight enough the need to select a reputable surgeon. There are some great surgeons out there in this field. Regardless, for obvious reasons anyone should be very diligent when considering physically altering their face. Also there is a need to be aware of the possible psychological effects of drastically altering ones physical appearance. Make sure you discuss any surgical plan with your therapist as well as your doctor.

Here are a few procedures. I have listed what the procedure is and some of the specific risks are. All surgical procedures carry the risk of scaring, adverse reactions to medications and anesthesia infection, and even death in some rare cases so talk to your doctor and ask questions!

Tracheal Shave

In this procedure the surgeon shaves down the cartilage in the Adam's apple to make it less prominent. It is often times an outpatient procedure done while the patient is sedated. Some possible risks include: lowering or altercations in the pitch or sound of the voice, poor cosmetic results, as well as pain when swallowing. My Friend has had this surgery and has allowed me to share her story here.

Brow Bone Reduction

This procedure is done to reduce the prominence of the brow bone. There are a number of ways this can be done but basically the surgeon removes bone from the brow. In some cased the surgeon will need to rebuild the sinus wall. Some possible risks include an uneven brow surface and possible sinus problems.

Jaw / Chin Contouring

This procedure involves reshaping the jawline by shaving off part of the lower jaw. This procedure can have a dramatic effect on ones appearance but some with some pretty serious risks. Possible risks include fracturing the bone, permeant joint injury to the jaw, nerve damage resulting in numbness and / or paralysis, and broken and / or misaligned teeth. 

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