Wednesday, February 12, 2014

From The Advocate - Why Are Narratives Around Transgender People Always So Negative?

The advocate posted a wonderful op-ed piece asking a simple question: why are narratives around transgender people always so negative? It is a very good question.  I know I have friends who think we need to let people know the hardship and struggles we go through. That by highlighting these things we can bring about positive changes.

I agree to a point. I think in all this we do need to remind ourselves that for or all we say we are not defined by our bodies, neither are we defined by our gender. There are some many good things around us that we seem to just take for granted or completely forget about. I also like that we are starting to see more... holy crappie a girl with acid wash jeans just got on the subway O.o

Anyway... a bit of a squirrel moment... let me get back on track...

I love that we... seriously these jeans are distracting...

....... I love that we are seeing positive role models in the media. Sure we we need to let others know about the bad stuff... and we need to fight for our rights. But most of all we need hope that we can in fact lead normal lives. I think that is key. If wr ever hopr to feel "normal" and be accepted than we all need to see that it is possible. And it is! Granted some of us have a far more difficult path to travel.

I know for me 95% of my time is spent on living my life not fighting with inner gender demons. I have my momments but I am getting better at controling things. Sure I want to get another hair surgery and maybe more laser hair removal but overall I have tried to keep my transition in perspective. Its part of me... its an journey.. it isnt the only part and it certainly won't be my only adventure.

P.S. These jeans are hideous...

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