Sunday, February 23, 2014

Lgbt vs Religous Rights

Many of the recent attempts to legalize LGBT discrimination, and many of the arguments used to argue against LGBT equality and protects seem to hindge on this idea of protecting religous rights. Tell me, when did it become acceptable for a a church or resturant to refused a marriage ceremony based on race? When did this get framed in duch a way that the religous organizations had the right to discriminate. Can a religion based hospital refuse life saving care to someone with a pentigram tattoo on their forhead? Can they refuse care to women or Jews? Sure restaurants and the like can refusecservice to anyone they want... what ever. The point is I think it is a dangerous step to start to enact any laws where discrimination of any kind, by any group religous or not is protected.

Do these churches honestly think people are gonna line up for services knowing their feelings? I know I would rather buy a wedding cake from someone who wanted to make it for me rather than some backwards cake shop that I know would have the bitter taste of resentment.

So what's my point... Well the rights the LGBT community are demanding are not specis l privileges. They are the same rights everyone in this country has. The right to marry the person they love, the right to not have to worry about being fired or denied housing based on who they are, and the right to safe and inxlusive healthcare. No one in the LGBT community is demanding that others loose their rights to any of the above. On the other side this argument for "religous rights" is nothing more than the relious groups in tnis country suggesting that equal rights will somehow diminish their rights. I ask what rights of theirs are being harmed? All said and done the only thing equale rights for the LGBT community will do to the religous organizations in this country is diminish their right  to did discriminate which isnt really a right to begin with.

This whole religous vs LGBT rights is nothing but a false dichotomy with the religous groups using nothing more than  straw man arguments to justify their positions. [end rant]

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