Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My Journey: Not Getting Read

So one thing I have found interesting is when people are surprised to learn that I am trans. If you know me you know I don't hide who I am. I switch back and forth from feminine to masculine on a daily basis and well... I just don't think about it much any more. Despite some bumps (we all have them from time to time) I really don't think about how others see me. That being said it still surprises me when I get that look of utter confusion when I mention I was previously married to a woman or that I have transitioned.

This happened recently with my roommates. They still haven't figured it (that I am trans) out so to speak. I didn't divulge that information when looking for my apartment because frankly it was irrelevant. Now that I have been there a few months they know I am attracted to women and they know I cannot have a baby but still, despite living with me they still don't know I am trans. I will saw it was kind of interesting explaining that I used to be married to a man (I thought this would be the dead give away as they know I recently moved from TX). They didn't... In fact I dodn't think it ever even crossed their minds. They found it interesting but didn't even flinch in regards to how they treat me or how they see me as a person.

Now granted they are from China but this happens at work and while out with friends as well. Maybe I pass better than I think or maybe it is simply that people assume I am just a masculine lesbian (actually I know some people do). The point is we tend to be hyper aware of how others see us and treat us. It is a hard thing to shake but sometimes we are just another face in the crowd blending in and living our lives.


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