Thursday, March 20, 2014

From Media Matters - Debunking The Big Myth About Transgender-Inclusive Bathrooms

Read this... share this... two great points at the end of this article really hit home for me:
  1. People need to understand that trans men and women are the people who are likely to be the victim of violence or harassment in a public restroom. Not the other way around.
  2. People are so afraid of what they don't understand that they will believe completely made up bull just to validate their fears. This is called confirmation bias.

The only way to defeat this mentality is to educate.


Anonymous said...

Ri...ght.....Now read this:

Katherine C said...

So one person's actions speak for an entire sub group? Men and women kill others every day for the reasons this person states: that they could give birth and they couldn't. This person is clearly dangerous, and using their stats as possibly being trans is not a defense. I read some of the comments on the blog post you shared and have to say clearly the readers are trying to combat reality with Fox News talking points. before you bash an entire population why don't you try and learn at least a small amount of facts... And not facts like So in so who is trans did this... Of my sisters boyfriend knew a guy who did this... Maybe the bigger point is that the story you are sharing has absolutely NOTHING to do with transgender people using the appropriate bathroom. The only mention is in the comments and it is the typical unfounded and eerily paranoid "I don't want to share the restroom with a pervert in a dress" statement.