Monday, November 20, 2017

From PRINCESSJOULES - MTF Post Op Dilation 101

This is a great video that goes over post op dilation... Not to much I can add except my surgeon suggest I use mineral oil instead of lube as it will not build up inside. Seems to work great so that is what I use.

Also, make sure you keep your dilators clean. I use baby shampoo to wash them off.

Other than that I suggest yo just watch the video and add your thoughts in the comments :)


Anonymous said...

this is one aspect of SRS that scares the s..t out of me not to mention the amount of times a day I'd have to do it. guess I have to always be moving

Veronica Ray said...

Being 8 days before my own SRS, maintenance of my vagina is going to be truly upon me within of two weeks. Still getting my head around how far those plastic men will be going inside me. I knew from the start they are part of the deal. Gulp!

hogmu said...
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