Monday, August 11, 2014

Laverne Cox, Janet Mock Talk Stigma of Loving Transgender Women

Not current events per say but VERY relevant. I'm not a trans woman of color but this issue I think plays out  very similarly no matter what group we are talking about. Either way I look at it this way, men are not obligated to be attracted to me no more than they are to anyone else. If someone is attracted to me because I am trans that is fine. I am also Italian, a brunet, I have brown eyes, I'm a geek... There are literally hundreds of things that people can be attracted to. If a straight man is attracted to me that doesn't make him gay or bi, it makes him straight.

If he is bi or gay than he so be it (although I'm not really attracted to gay men cause well... I'm not a gay man LOL. Laverne Cox hits the nail on the head at the 21:31 mark. Being attracted to me has nothing to do with me or my identity and it certainly doesn't make someone gay or bi (unless they are a woman). Anyway, listen and please share your comments below:

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Anonymous said...

I thought that their comments about the stigma attached to being with a trans woman were right on. To carry it a bit more, this is the same attitude that many women have in dealing with trans SO's, who may be more in the middle of the gender spectrum and probably will not transition. What will people think about them for remaining in a relationship with someone who is trans. Forget whether compatibility in every phase of the relationship is good, that one aspect means that she is less than for remaining.