Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Breastforms for Trans Women

Before I started hormones I tried all of the tricks I could find on how to make it look like I had some cleavage... Unfortunately, I never had any real success until I bought some good breastforms. I want to share some tips I found for find the right ones and not wasting your money.

So what is a breastform? Well basically it is a prosthetic breast. They come in different colors and all shapes and sizes so finding some that match your body should be fairly easy. They also range in price from $50 to $500 or more. Now before I started hormones I had a few different pairs and the most I ever spent was $150. They lasted about a year (then my cat got one and poked a hole in it). One thing I will tell you is that unless you have breasts to begin with, the chicken cutlet style breast enhancers sold at lingerie and department stores won't cut it. If you want something that looks natural you're gonna have to suck it up and pay a bit more.

A Little Warning...

Something else to consider is that you kind of have to be a little careful with them. Most of the realistic looking breast forms out there soft silicone with a thin "skin" coving. They are not exactly fragile but can burst if you are to rough with them or if they get punctured. It isn't like they will spontaneously just pop like a balloon but they can get a tear and leak silicone everywhere (Well actually they can pop but only if you really squish them hard). Also, once they get a hole in them they are next to impossible (in fact I think they are impossible) to fix!

Go For a Realistic Size

The next bit of advice I will give here is that unless you want to stick out (pun intended), try to find a size that suits your frame. At 5'6" and 140 pounds; I for one, would look silly with H cup breasts. Because of this I got some that were much smaller (Mine where a C cup). Keep this in mind and don't be afraid to ask the merchant for help finding what size will work for you. Many of them are well aware that trans women seek their products and are willing to help.

I will finish up by saying that once breast development starts the breastforms can become ill-fitting so be prepared. Rather than buying new ones I stopped wearing mine a few months after starting hormones.

Hips and Butts!

Like breastforms, there are also options for our hips and butts. Unlike your breasts hips really do not change with HRT. This make be an option for you if you choose.

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Anonymous said...

Hi grl friend. Just found ur website and am excited bout viewing it all. Just wanted to ty and say i am happy for U in ur journey for freedom. Kisses steph