Wednesday, April 26, 2017

FTM Breast Binding

Breast binding is actually a fairly old practice where the person uses some type of material to flatten the breasts. Many trans men do this to achieve a more masculine body shape.

This is accomplished a number of ways including wrapping the chest which, from my research is the least safe way. That being said I have run across a tweet that I shared here that explains at least one safer way to wrap if this is the direction you want to go. The reality however is that the safer and more comfortable method of breast binding involves using garment that are designed for the purpose.

I know there are a number of quality specialty chest binding garments designed to do just what we are talking about and some are relatively inexpensive.

I have admittedly very little experience with breast binding... ok, no experience, so I shall direct readers to a few very detailed guides I found elsewhere if they are interested in learning how to do this safely and effectively.

Please feel free to offer your own advice in the comments.

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