Friday, June 10, 2016

Target Bathrooms and Brock Turner: A Message About Our Priorities and Pissing

This is a bit ranty...
I'm not sure if this is national news or not but yesterday at about 4 p.m. in the afternoon somebody detonated a small soda bottle bomb in the bathroom at the Target here in Evanston Illinois. Now I'm not sure if this is even related to Target's decision to allow transgender people to use the bathroom but of course the parallels are rather striking. 
Anyway, I'm sitting in the parking lot of this target and I just went inside and did a little bit of shopping like I normally do, but I can't help think about a few things. Now none of my thoughts by any means suggest everyone opposed to the Target bathroom policy is dumb or hell bent of harming others. I trully believe most people are just unaware of the reality of what being trans is and either can't or won't accept it. And as far as the logic behind the oppositio, if you think about it why would anyone think a public restroom in a department store was a good place to commit a sexual crime? And isn't this type of thing already a crime regardless of what the person is wearing?
Anyway, back on topic, let's assume this bomb is a prank unrelated to the trans policy, it doesn't matter at this point because the news already made the link and some people I'm sure think it's trans peoples fault. If they would just go away then this wouldn't happen right??? Of course this is disgusting but its undoubtily happening to some extent. The flip side, if this is some kinda misguided retaliation than what's the point? The argument says that allowing trans people into restrooms that corresponds to their identity is dangerous, so the logical thing to do is put a bomb in one?
Luckily no one was hurt but they could have been. I hope it goes without saying that there is never justification for this type of action. I am trans and even if you 100% diagree with who I am or if my identity is "real", you can never make a real argument that my it harms others. 
Sure, it may go against every fiber of your god fearing soul but I don't want your cake, and I'll pass at eating at your resturant. You be you, I'll be me. Even bigotry in all its digusting glory does not physically harm others. Crossing this line, planting bombs... or even agreeing with it on principal... or even victim blaming... that's where it falls apart.
If this is were it ended then I'd be done. Unfortuantly its where I am starting because this isn't the only story bothering me lately in regards to protecting people from sexual assult. While all this arguing over whether allowing a trans person in the bathroom places our women and children in danger of sexual assault we have a case like the one we are seeing where the college student who rapes a girl and then is giving a poultry six-month sentence because the judge feels bad. After all this is going to ruin his life and his prospects. Even more disgusting is his father writing a lengthy note saying how it was only "20 minutes of action"!
What the actual fuck? We are talking about actual sexual violence here. There is no reported case of any trans person ever in the history of the United States or anywhere else attacking and sexually assulting somebody else in a restroom. Zero, none, absolutely no history of it; and here we have an actual case of sexual assault and is being treated like a joke! Like somehow this poor kid is the victim cause he made one bad choice. No, he raped someone. That's not just one bad choice, and yes he should be punished for it. Anti-trans people spend so much time making up excuses to demonize trans people and try to ruin their lives while everyone appoligizes for the actual douche canoes out their rapeing and hurting others.
The reality is our country does not care about sexual assault, it does not care about the safety of our women and children. Cases like this recent one prove that. Anti trans bathroom bills and backlash are just an excuse to try to put down a minority of people who are suffering in every aspect of their life. Getting a job, keeping a job, feeling safe anywhere, finding an apartment, finding a relationship, keeping family, children, and friends; all of these things go away for trans people.
The reality is is that being trans is not safe. Sitting in my car writing this is not safe. I constantly feel like somebody is going to say something to me, do something to me, or now blow the fucking bathroom up that I'm in just because I have to take a piss.
I'm tired of feeling this way I'm tired of living in a country that is so hypocritical about sexual assult it's almost laughable, except it's not a joke! Its the sad truth. Victim blaming is rampant and our apologists thinking is just as bad.
Few of our laws are about keeping people safe from sexual assault and none of these bathroom bills are. If people wanted to keep these spaces safe they would be promoting non confrontational ideas. Instead we offer rewards to people for finding trans people in the "wrong" restroom, arrest people for pissing in a private stall and encourage an atmosphere of distrust and discrimination. Meanwhile any laws that are trully about safety and preventing sexual assult are hardly if ever fully enforced, and even if they are they almost always leave the victim feeling at best unheard; at worst, to blame.
Great job america

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Anna Marie Robertson said...

Well maybe we should all commit suicide then they will be able to say how mentally unfit to exist we were.
We are up against a huge pile of hate filled god fearing humans.