Friday, September 2, 2016

Interesting perspective - From Slate - Is It Ever OK to Cast a Cisgender Actor in a Transgender Role?

Before I start with my 2 cents I will post the link to the original article:

Ok... the answer I have for this question is no. You wouldn't hire a black woman to play the part of a Japanese man, you wouldn't hire a dwarf to play the part of a giant. Unless there is a compelling reason why would you cast a cis person in a trans role what is the difference? I have a feeling it is less malicious than people not liking trans folks or thinking they are crazy, and possibly more about the attached LGBTness a movie would garner if it were "inclusive". Maybe there is a fear of less mainstream interest if the production is seen as overtly supportive or inclusive of trans identities??? Or maybe people just don't get it... or maybe people just see trans women as nothing more than men dressed as girls... but I'm trying hard not to be cynical here.

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