Thursday, April 20, 2017

Transgender Patient Care

Heading to the doctors as a trans person is stressful. This stress can be compounded by feelings of embarrassment, shame, anger... I could go on but why bother. The point is that both post, pre, and non opt trans people can and do feel a lot of stress and unfortunately this leads to people not going to the doctor and / or getting insufficient care. I talk a bit about of Gender (and Sex) Appropriate Medical Treatment in another post, this article is about getting the proper care for trans bodies.

Some but not all trans people leave out bits of our past and this can be very dangerous in terms of doctors visits. It is absolutely necessary to be honest with your doctor about your medical history and any surgeries you have had. If you are uncomfortable with this you should find a doctor you are comfortable with. I know this is easier said than don but transgender medical care is more than prescribing hormones. There are labs that are 100% necessary, post operative visits are equally important.

This University of California Transgender Health article Transgender patients and the physical examination covers a great deal of advice for medical practitioners. It may be something you want to print out to give your doctor if they are not sure themselves. Either way you should know what you need to do to keep yourself health.

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